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Apartments & Renting in New Haven

Apartments & Renting in New Haven


Looking for the perfect place to live during your stay in New Haven? We have some great pointers for you!

If you are a student and are planning on living on-campus, Yale does provide several affordable options. For more information, check out their website

Yale offers two styles of living:

1. Dorm living, which will take you back to the good old days of college life — shared kitchens, cafeteria halls, shared lounges and common rooms, being in a building with a lot of friends …

2. Apartment style living (your own space, kitchen, privacy, independence …)

Sadly, these buildings do not provide enough room for all incoming students and often fill up fast — you have to apply for a room April 1st before the year you wish to rent, and for many who are arriving midway in the year, this is not a feasible option.

Living off-campus, however, comes with a lot of positive points. Some of the off-campus options available in New Haven are located in amazing areas, and the apartments  themselves are very spacious, renovated and updated.

East Rock is one of the safest areas to live in New Haven, and often apartments here are a bit cheaper. It is best suited for families, and practical for all students who will frequently be in the Science Hill, Hillhouse and Divinity School areas. In East Rock, here are some of the best options available:

Company: Esposito Rental (Contact Dina at 203-777-2746)

Hadley Inc. has several buildings in the East Rock area.

Seabury Realtors can help you find housing in downtown, East Rock as well as Wooster Square.

Tudor Terrace

Although Yale does provide efficient shuttle transport services from this region to other parts of campus, East Rock is a bit far from the medical school area and often it can be problematic getting to lab whenever you need to (especially during bad weather, at peak hours when buses overfill with passengers, and during late hours when you sometimes have to wait 30 minutes for the shuttle to arrive to get you to lab). Furthermore, Wooster Square is still a bit isolated from the rest of Yale Campus (a well-established shuttle circuit in that area does not exist yet, and most Yale students tend to hang out in the downtown and East Rock neighborhoods).

If you are looking for a place that is close enough to the medical school so that you can walk easily, we suggest looking into The New Haven Towers. Madison Towers, Crown Court & Crown Towers are almost entirely populated by Yale students, postdocs and medical residents. Although some of the units in these buildings are slightly pricier, you can find a roommate. Otherwise, for New Haven standards, the prices are actually pretty good.

Another building downtown is The Liberty. It is a wonderful place to live in but it will cost a lot. They have a promotion right now where you get the first month free with a one-year lease, and there are a lot of amenities (gym in basement, game room, etc) but again, expensive!

This Taft Apartments has been around for a while, and is another building where many Yale affiliates reside. Not as expensive as Liberty but still, rent will be in the 1100-1400 zone. A good, safe place to live though.

These two complexes, Residence on the Court and 360 State Street, are also excellent places to live and are both located in very busy areas surrounded by restaurants, boutiques and coffee shops, but you will not get an apartment less than 1000 USD per month.

Also close to the central downtown area but in a slightly different region is the Ninth Square district. A lot of students are choosing to live here as it is a rapidly developing area with new shops and boutiques popping up every month! Some buildings here where you might find your new home are:

The Residences at Ninth Square

Living downtown is expensive, but we strongly urge you not to live in a cheaper place downtown because if it is cheap then is it almost ALWAYS in an unsafe place. You can always try searching Craigslist for apartments, but if ever you have a concern, we suggest you contact us for some advice (especially if you cannot come to see the apartment before you agree to sign a contract). Ideally, you should be able to see the apartment before you sign any documents, and you should not be obliged to sign a contract that binds you for more than one year!

As far as looking for roommates goes … if you opt for Yale housing, you can indicate on the application form whether you want a roommate or not. When going for off-campus housing, it might be a bit more interesting

Just kidding. SAGA will eventually be creating a service to put people in touch with each other regarding sharing housing. For now, all those looking for a new roommate, please feel free to contact us at or at our Contact Us page! Let us know whether you already have an apartment here and are looking to house someone new, or it you are new to the area and will be arriving shortly. SAGA is ultimate in matchmaking!


(For housing we mean …)







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