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Upon arriving here at New Haven, one of the first things you need to do is to open a bank account. There are a bunch of banks around, with their own specifications, advantages and limitations. The banks listed below are the closest to campus. The best way to get more information is to visit the website or walk over in person. When going in to open a bank account, make sure you take your Yale ID, and ask if the bank offers special discounts for the Yale community. For example, some banks will eliminate fees if you arrange direct deposit of your salary or stipend paycheck. Two things you essentially need to open a bank account:

  1. A valid ID (Passport or/and Yale ID)
  2. I-20, DS-2019, or other visa document indicating your status.

The top two banks we recommend are the following:


Bank of America
157 Church Street, New Haven, CT
(800) 432-1000

Bank of America would be the first choice for most Yale students/scholars. The above address is only one of the branch locations, but there are many branches in and around campus. Bank of America ATMs are always conveniently found anywhere in the country. Typically, you start with a checking and savings account (no fees for Yale students/scholars), and you can download the BOA Mobile App to your smart phone to do most transactions like depositing checks and keeping track of your balance. Online banking is excellent, with free internal bank transfers and very helpful online chat assistance.

Important: Bank of America has a branch office and ATM machines within Yale Medical School and Yale-New Haven Hospital and so is a very handy banking choice for students/scholars working at the School of Medicine; an ATM can also be found in the School of Management.


Chase Bank
234 Church Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 784-3702

Chase is another well-recognized bank, very popular across the country. It is similar to the Bank of America in terms of most services, although BOA has more branches and ATMs at Yale. What attracts many to this bank are their promotional offers for new customers. Typically, you will be rewarded a 100 USD (changes with time) deposit to your account when you first open an account.


List of other banks near campus :


868 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT
(800) 627-3999


Sovereign Bank
123 Church Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 974-7929


Bank of Southern Connecticut
215 Church Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 782-1100


Citizens Bank
209 Church Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 821-3080


First Niagara Bank
195 Church Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 789-2781


Webster Bank
80 Elm Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 782-4586


Start Community Bank
299 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT
(203) 285-6490


Wells Fargo Bank
205 Church Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 773-9037


Northeast Alliance Federal Credit Union
55 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT
(203) 562-0735




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