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Gettin’ Around: Transportation

Gettin’ Around: Transportation


As long as you’re on campus or in the downtown New Haven, East Rock, and Ninth Square areas of New Haven, transportation is easy to come by. Yale University runs an incredibly useful and efficient shuttle service to various parts of campus, and during the early morning or late evening hours, it is safest to make sure of it to get around.

(Source: Yale University’s website, 2013)

There is also a smartphone app that you can download if you have a smartphone so you can track buses in real-time no matter where you are. Alternatively, dial 203-432-6330 to get in tough with operators 24/7 and find out when a bus is arriving, or if someone can come pick you up and drop you off during off-peak hours. You can also request that security walk you to a nearby location or to your car (just to be safe!) at this number.

Always remember to look around you and take note of the blue-boxes posted at convenient locations around campus. When you don’t have a phone or your battery is drained, these come in handy — you can dial any Yale number from these boxes, so you can call security or the minibus and wait at a secure location until they can get you!


View Yale University Blue Phone in a larger map
(Source: Yale University,, 2013)

In addition to the shuttle, Yale provides numerous helpful services to help you get around. There is a nearby Zipcar Rental that you could sign up for if you wanted a car for the day, and if you need to share a ride there’s a way to find a carpool too! Yale’s website has a lot of great information and tips to help you navigate in and around New Haven. Amtrak and Metro North trains run regularly to and from Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and many other destinations if you are in the mood to explore! Remember, if you buy your Amtrak tickets through Orbitz, you can get a 15% Yale student discount! And if you are just planning a trip to Ikea or the CT Post Mall in Milford, you can always make use of CT Transit.

If you want to get your driver’s license, and you are not a US citizen, you can go to the DMV with the required documentation in order to begin the process of obtaining your license to drive. If you have a driving permit from your country of citizenship, and you are a full-time student at Yale, you do not need to obtain a new license — you simply need to get an International Driver’s Permit.

Finally, if you like biking around then we have a solution for you too — you can purchase a bike at:

College Street Cycles

Devil’s Gear

If you are going to buy your bike off of Craigslist, please make sure you are buying locally, that the ad includes pictures and real information, and that you can check out the bike before you purchase (bring a friend or two with you when you go to see the bike) — these basic precautions with keep tou safe and ensure that you know what you are paying for.

Make sure you also buy a heavy duty, high-quality lock for your bike and try to bring your bike into the building with you or park it in an enclosed, safe area — bicycle theft, sadly, is incredibly common in New Haven. Also, always wear a helmet! SAFETY FIRST.

Regardless of your choice of transportation, you are guaranteed to be able to get around!

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