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US Visa & Tax Information

US Visa & Tax Information

US Visas

Academic Students

Students who are planning on coming to the US to enroll in full-time academic degree programs, such as bachelors, masters or doctoral, must obtain F-1 visas. Early visa application is highly recommended as interview appointments and waiting time can vary. For more information about student visas, see the US State Department’s website.

Exchange Visitors

Trainees such as researchers, professors and post-doctoral fellows must obtain J-1 visas. Typically, these are temporary visas for persons who have been accepted to participate in an exchange visitor program (i.e. a postdoctoral training program) by a sponsoring institution. Early application is highly recommended. Read about J1 visa basics here. Find a more detailed overview here.

Work Visas

For skilled temporary workers who possess relevant work experience or the appropriate college degree, a non-immigrant H visa is needed. There are various categories of non-immigrant visas for persons wishing to work in the US. One of the most common is the H1-B Persons in Specialty Occupation. These work visas are for those with specialized knowledge requiring the completion of higher education. The H1-B visa is extendable up to 6 years, but exceptions for maximum length of stay do exist. The H1-B visa is dual intent visa, meaning holders of the visa can have legal immigration intent (i.e. apply for obtaining a green card). Find more information about temporary worker visas at this site.

For a more general overview of types of visas, see the Embassy of US, New Delhiā€™s website.







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